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Acceptable Usage Policy

The Client acknowledges and agrees that the provision of Services to the Client by BlackHOST, and Client's acceptance and use of BlackHOST's Services, constitute BlackHOST's acceptance of and agreement to the terms and conditions of this document, BlackHOST's Acceptable Use Policy (“BlackHOST's AUP") and that BlackHOST's AUP is an integral part of, and is incorporated by reference into, the Terms Of Service ("TOS") Agreement by and between BlackHOST and the Client.

BlackHOST AUP covers the Client’s general use of the Services if not otherwise defined by Service Level Agreement. Doing, causing or allowing (whether by act or omission) any of the following, and/or any direct or indirect aiding or abetting of any person or entity to do, cause or allow (whether by act or omission) any of the following, is considered a violation of BlackHOST's AUP and of the TOS Agreement between BlackHOST and the Client:

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