Yes, we do!
And if you ask our affiliates, they will tell you that it is a very lucrative business.

How to become a BlackHOST affiliate?

In fact, it’s very easy.

1. Create an account on our website here
2. Open a ticket with our support or sales team, state your interest that you want to become our affiliate, and write a brief explanation of how and where do you plan to promote us and our products.

Our team will reviews your application and once approved, you will have access to the affiliate dashboard from where you can find your affiliate link and see all commissions and keep track on your generated revienue.

How does it work?

When someone clicks your affiliate link, we create a special cookie in the browser of that potential client.
So when this client makes a conversion, eg. purchase a specific product you will get percentage of that sale.

We understand that not all users covert right away into sale, thats why the cookie generated is valid for 90 days, meaning if the user opens our website long after he clicked your affiliate link, but within the 90 days period, this conversion will be credited to your account as well.

How big are the commisions?

We have several levels of commission and this usually is defined by the product itself.

Our standard affiliate commission is 5% on all products.
However, in the following table, you can find a more detailed definition of our affiliate commission by specific product categories.

Product TypeRecurring commission
Unmetered dedicated servers10%
Shared hosting12.5%
WordPress hosting15%
Cheap VPS hosting17.5%
Unmetered VPS hosting20%
Cloud VPS hosting25%
BlackHOST affiliate commission rate

All commissions are subject to lifetime recurring, meaning as long as the service purchased from your referral you will get monthly passive income for that. For example, if you manage to refer up to 5 clients per month with the CLOUD VPS XL package for a whole year, you can reach around $1000 passive income within a year, amazing right?

When you can get the payout?

You can get the payout at any time once you accumulate at least $50 in your affiliate account.
Please note that we have a 30-day commission delay in order to protect ourselves from potential refund losses.

The payouts can be done via PayPal or via Bitcoin, depending on your preference.

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