TL;DR: YES, we do!

In fact, we love it, and we’ve been accepting bitcoin payments since our beginnings, as we’ve recognized bitcoin’s true potential. We strive to make the web safer and open, so bitcoin is one of the tools that help us achieve our goals. Now with bitcoin, you can pay for all of our services, e.g., Unmetered Dedicated Servers, or renew your long-forgotten side project domain from anywhere in the world, independently.

Our current bitcoin implementation is based on direct blockchain transfers by removing the need for 3rd party payment processor, e.g., BitPay. By doing so, we’re always able to adapt and incorporate the latest Bitcoin Improvement protocols (BIP), thus providing our customers lower transaction fees by using SegWit and Bech32 address format or accepting lighting network payments with virtually NO fees.

We’re aware that such early technology adoption may cause incompatibility with the current bitcoin wallets. Still, before making any decision, we evaluate each upgrade and its possible effects on our clients. Needless to say, these upgrades are targeted toward our automatic processing system, where we provide manual processing support for any ancient wallet without SegWit capabilities, e.g., wallet. 

With this said, here’s a short list of non-custodial bitcoin wallets that we recommend for your day-to-day use:

You can find more supported wallets in this list.

And let’s not forget, HODL!

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