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Why Keeping Track of Your Old Domains?

It is undeniable that everyone should keep track of their old domains (if used), and in this post, we’ll try to explain why. For those of you that are new to this field, you can read more about what are the hidden costs of a cheap domain name. Moreover, you can also read what 10 things you should consider before you buy a domain name for your business.

Now, let’s dive into why you should keep track of your old domain name (DN): 👇

It’s All About Safety!

Let’s start from the beginning. When you’re starting an online business, you must buy a domain name to connect it with your website, and you may create one or more email addresses for that domain. Later, through your workflows, you may use your email for various purposes, including orders, banking processes, and other confidential information. Eventually, there’ll be tons of sensitive information connected to your email address. And ultimately, if someday you decide to merge your business, rebrand it, or close your company and abandon your DN, all that connected information to your email addresses may end up in the wrong hands.

There’s always a chance this will happen if, for example, someone hacks your email. Only this way, if you abandon your domain, whoever re-registers it, gains access to all your information that you already have forgotten exists. All they need to do is buy your old domain, set up an email server to accept all incoming messages for that domain, and wait. Eventually, all services connected to email addresses to your domain will start sending various emails, which in some cases, can be just enough for a third party to gain access to some confidential information. 

Prevention Is Better Than Cure!

You may think that you can close or update all connected services, and that’s doable if you were the only one who was using that DN. But what if you had a company that had around 50 employees over time?

Can you keep track of all of them before deciding to abandon your domain? In theory, yes. But it would be much cheaper and time-saving if you keep your domain until the data you had connected with becomes obsolete. How long should you retain your old domain depends on multiple factors, but my safe estimate would be at least ten years, and only if you closed your company. If you rebranded or merged, then you shouldn’t abandon your old DN. 

Frankly, this is indeed the cheapest cybersecurity that you can pay for, keeping in mind that domain names aren’t so pricey. A $10-15 a year is a small price to pay for ease of mind.

You Should Keep Track of Your Subdomain Either

Without hesitation, you should always keep track of your old domains! But the precaution doesn’t entirely end here, because you should do that for your subdomains too.

Microsoft made this mistake a year ago. They’ve abandoned many previously used subdomains. And last year, they failed to secure two subdomains that spammers took advantage of for promoting online poker casinos. So, no doubt, always keep an eye on your subdomains too!

And, for all of you that have active domain names, you should note that during the COVID-19 pandemic, ICANN offers mitigation for all those that can’t renew their domain names on time.

Keep your data safe and secure