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10 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name may be difficult. Check out some of our tips to help you make your decision easier.

It’s indisputable that in the internet era, every brick-and-mortar company should adapt at least to clicks and bricks type of business, especially in these difficult times. It is no secret that many companies are doomed with the pandemic and everything, and for many of them, the only way to survive is by adapting to the online world.

So, this certainly is the right time to start adapting your business on the internet.

The fundamental tool that you’ll need to operate in the online world is having a website. And right after you obtain a website, you’ll need to invest some money in a memorable domain name and fast web hosting. Don’t try to save money on a decent domain name.

But first things first! At this starting point of adapting your company on the internet, you should put some extra energy into choosing the right domain name since it’s one of the most important decisions (at this point) that will affect your business in the long term. Your domain can impact your brand in so many fields. It can affect your SEO, SERP (Search Engine Results Pages), referring links, social media, etc. In light of this, we advise you to pay attention to the following part, where we’ll explain the ten most important things you should consider before you purchase the domain name.

  1. Make it simple and intuitive
  2. Keep it short and easy to remember
  3. If you can, choose .com before other TLDs
  4. Check the competition
  5. Numbers are a big no-no
  6. So are hyphens
  7. Consider safety and security
  8. Protect your data
  9. Check social media handles
  10. Be careful when buying an existing domain

And now let’s take a looksy at each one of these tips: 👇

Make It Simple and Intuitive

Your company name is indeed one of the best choices for your domain because it’s quite intuitive, and probably it’s the first thing that anyone would try to search for. Furthermore, in this way, you will build your brand constantly. 

It’s captivating for your domain to be simple and easy to spell and pronounce, and likewise, everyone should know how to type it as soon as they hear it.

Keep It Short and Easy to Remember

We know that finding a one-word domain is a bit challenging these days, but without a doubt, striving to choose a concise domain name is a good thing from the visitors’ perspective. A shorter domain is easier to remember and type.

If You Can, Choose .com Before Other TLDs

Many studies have shown that .com is one of the most trusted and well-known domain extensions. And it could be a habit, but often when we try to browse a company’s website, we’re typing .com alongside the URLs tab. Furthermore, according to Statista, .com indubitably leads in the race for the most popular Top-Level Domain worldwide.
Therefore, if the majority prefers .com over other TLDs, perhaps you should go along with it.

Source: Statista

Check the Competition

Why not learn from the leaders in your industry!? Take a look at your competitor’s websites. What kind of domains are they using? Are there any keywords included? Notice what domain extension (Top Level Domain) they prefer, and strive to tag along.

Numbers Are a Big No-No

If you strive to keep your domain as simple as possible, then using numbers is a big no-no! Let’s take an example. Imagine that you have the following domain name “3s.com”, and try to pronounce it to someone who visits your site. Except, they can type “threes.com” or even “sss.com” instead, and end up on a completely different website. And we don’t want this to happen. Thus, to avoid the inconvenience if the visitors should spell out the number or use a numeral instead, just avoid numbers.

So Are Hyphens

Maybe, if you have a two-word domain, it will be tempting to use a hyphen in between. But please don’t, as it’s confounding. Especially when someone tries to share your website via word-of-mouth. For instance, what if “msn.com” was with hyphens, namely “m-s-n.com”. Try to pronounce it. 😏 It’s exhausting, right!? Therefore, don’t ever make your domain unnecessarily complicated.

Consider Safety and Security

It’s essential to take care of your data and secure your website. One way to strengthen your internet security is by implementing an SSL certificate on your website. By having an SSL certificate, you’ll protect your and your customers’ data from theft via encryption. This way, they can safely make payments on your website. 

BlackHOST provides a free SSL certificate with all of the domains and hosting plans.

Protect Your Data

The other way to keep your domain information safe is through WHOIS protection. When you need to register a new domain name, you’ll have to provide some personal information like name, address, phone number, and email. This information will be publicly available and at risk of phishing, spam, or even domain hijacking. So the best way to make your domain information safe is by WHOIS privacy protection.

We offer free WHOIS privacy protection for most TLDs as well.

Check Social Media Handles

Social Media is an inseparable part of our everyday lives, so it’s essential to build your brand, at least on some of the platforms. And if your domain matches your SM handles, that will be even more beneficial in building a stronger brand. So, before any investment is made, do quick research to see if your domain name is free or taken as a social media handle.

Be Careful When Buying an Existing Domain

If it’s possible, you should always choose a new one over an existing domain name. After all, it already has a history, and sometimes that history might not be so bright. This way, if the domain had penalties from Google in the past, you’ll inherit them. You should always do a quick WhoIs search for each domain before you buy it to ensure that everything is as it should be.

Choose wisely; your domain name is your online fingerprint – it’s critical to your business’s reputation. And once you’ve made the choice that best suits your brand, don’t delay and register your domain name now!