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How to Start Making Money While Sleeping

Since the beginning of our civilization, having some extra buck in your pocket would bring you security, freedom, and even improve your status in society. That’s why the possibility of earning easy wealth has been attractive since ancient times. In the past, wealth was linked mostly with natural resources accumulated by manual work. But luckily for us, things changed in the past century, and today all we need is money. Easy peasy, right?

All we need to figure out is how to earn money while sleeping, and we’re golden. You don’t think that’s possible!? Well, it is, and I’ll explain to you how. But first, let me begin by outlining the different ways of generating income in today’s world.

There are various types of income, but for the simplicity of this article, I’ll use the following two:

  1. Active income – an income earned through the exchange of your time and effort
  2. Passive income – which is precisely the opposite of active income 🙂

When it comes to active income, things are pretty simple. As the short description above says, you put your sweat and tears into your work, and this generates your income. But this type of income is not very different from ancient times and leaves no time for sleep, so let’s move to the more exciting part, the passive income.

Passive income is the opposite of earned income. You can earn money without working around the clock. You do not need to invest a lot of time or resources to start making money. In other words, passive income is when you earn money while you sleep. That sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? And also, the taxes on this type of income are lower compared to the active and other types of income.

Whether you’re attempting to start a side business or are just looking to make a little extra money each month, passive income can be a great approach to help you generate extra cash flow. This is especially true at this time when inflation is pervasive across the economy. Even as you pursue your primary work, you can have money coming in thanks to passive income.

Choosing the passive income source that makes the most sense for you is the first step to generating a steady income stream. There are many opportunities to acquire passive income, including:

  • Royalties – if you own a product or patent;
  • Rents – if you’re renting your assets such as an apartment, house, or car;
  • Dropshipping – you can find trending products and sell them on Amazon or eBay all over the world;
  • Books and online courses – you can create it once and sell the same course a million or even a billion times;
  • YouTube channel – which is quite similar to books and online courses.

By now, I’m guessing you’ve noticed the trend here. In general, most things listed above require upfront work or investment, and it may take time until you see an actual return on your efforts.

So here comes affiliate marketing to the rescue.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing | Start Making Money While Sleeping | BlackHOST
Affiliate Marketing with BlackHOST

What is affiliate marketing, you ask? Well, that’s the easiest way of generating income. As an affiliate marketer, you must promote a third party’s products and services on your own blog, website, social media profile, or with peers in your community. To get a commission, all you have to do is put the affiliate link on your blog or site and promote it. Once a sale is made through your referral, you get a commission which can be a fixed amount or percentage of the sale.

Affiliate marketing can be lucrative for both parties involved. The company that offers the affiliate program will increase its sales by reaching new customers thanks to the marketing skills of individuals who promote its products and services. While in the same time, the affiliate can build a significant referral base that can be enough for early retirement. The only trick is to find a reliable and trustworthy company that has a fantastic affiliate program and, most importantly, offers services that are billed recurring.

Why, you may ask?

Well, first and most importantly, the partnering company must be trustworthy because the control over the whole affiliate program is in their hands. Basically, there is no way for you to double-check if they add a commission for each sale made through your referral link. Second, they must offer a reasonable commission which, most importantly, must be recurring so you can literally earn while you sleep. It sounds challenging to find, but actually, it is pretty common in our industry, the web hosting industry.

Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways of marketing when it comes to the web hosting industry. It gives web hosting providers exposure to new customers thanks to the ingenious advertising tactics of the affiliates. Also, commissions can be relatively high, compared to the other industries, ranging from 5 to 25 percent of the sale.

Besides being relatively high, the commissions in our sector are primarily recurring. This is mainly to the fact that the services offered by the web hosting providers are recurring as well. Which provides the web hosting providers with a steady stream of revenue and a big motivation for the affiliates.

Basically, if you have some spare time, there is so little that you can lose.

All you need is a cool idea on how you can promote someone and build your audience through various social media networks. And then you can sit back and wait.

But please do not take me for granted. I invite you to put this blog post to the test.

BlackHOST offers a unique affiliate program with up to 25% recurring commission 🤑 And that’s a lifetime recurring commission. Meaning, you’ll get passive income as long as the referral client uses our services. Check out this article to learn more about BlackHOST’s affiliate program and how to become our affiliate. Don’t wait any longer, today is the best day to start making money while sleeping.

Also, If this post influenced you to learn more about finances, I recommend reading Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. And no, this is not an affiliate link. I’ve read this book and really loved it. I think that the fact that this book is sold over 44 million copies worldwide says it all 😉